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In the middle of the 19th centrury James Thompson - an engineer at the waterworks in Grays, Essex, came to live on the Isle of Dogs in Maria Street, Millwall.

In 1888, in partnership with his eldest son James - an apprenticed blacksmith - they founded Thompson & Son in Hutchins Street, Millwall to undertake machinery and repairs, in particular on boilers and other steam vessels.

By 1929, the company had progressed with Frederick and Edgar Thompson, who took over one of their customer's companies - a machinery merchant.

In 1938, the company name was changed to Thompson & Son (Millwall) Ltd, with three directors - James, Frederick and Edgar Thompson. By the advent of the Second World War, a great deal of presses and valves were built for hydraulics and the manufacture of metal forming, plastics and rubber moulding.

By the end of the war, the company took on a small amount of boiler work, but mostly manufactured presses and refurbished older ones, converting water operated plants to more modern oil pressure plants.
During 1960 - 1980, a strong alliance was formed with Andrew Fraser & Co, a pump and valve manufacturer. The combination of Fraser equipment fitted to Thompson presses was well received.

Thompson & Son in the present

Thompson & Son is still very much a family business, with Andrew and Bill Thompson. Maintaining and refurbishing pumps and presses are the main staple of the daily work.

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